Legend is a roguelike inspired by classic sword & sorcery tales (Conan, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser). Craving adventure, riches, and glory, you enter a mysterious dungeon where the danger, and the rewards, grow the deeper you descend. This is not epic fantasy; there’s no world to save, no war to win, no all-powerful artifact to find. But, if you are the first to venture into the dungeon and return alive, your story may well become a legend…

Design Goals

  • Procedurally generated levels resembling classic RPG dungeon maps.
  • Enormous variety of encounters, ranging from a single enemy in an otherwise empty room to complex multi-enemy/NPC/item/object/puzzle/location sequences.
  • Continual sense of discovery and danger will make players wonder what’s behind every door, what’s at the bottom of every staircase, what’s at the end of every secret passage.
  • Easy-to-learn; no manual or wiki required.
  • Success depends on how well players use what they find and their surroundings. Problems have multiple solutions.
  • Visceral combat that’s at times fast-paced and at other times cautious and tactical.
  • Exploration is encouraged. Resources are finite but there’s no hunger clock.
  • Grinding is impossible.
  • Permadeath, but complete runs are short (a few hours).


The development of Legend began in late 2019. Like many traditional roguelikes, Legend is a solo-developer, part-time hobby project. It has yet to be released to the public, and there’s no firm ETA yet. Progress updates are posted weekly on this website as well as the roguelikedev Subreddit.

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