Legend is a roguelike inspired by classic sword & sorcery tales (Conan, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser). Craving adventure, riches, and glory, you enter a mysterious dungeon where the danger, and the rewards, grow the deeper you descend. This is not epic fantasy; there’s no world to save, no war to win, no all-powerful artifact to find. But, if you are the first to venture into the dungeon and return alive, your story may well become a legend…

Design Goals

Legend’s key design goals are:

  • Procedurally generated levels resembling classic RPG dungeon maps.
  • Enormous variety of encounters, ranging from a single enemy in an otherwise empty room to complex multi-enemy/NPC/item/object/puzzle/location sequences.
  • Continual sense of discovery and danger will make players wonder what’s behind every door, what’s at the bottom of every staircase, what’s at the end of every secret passage.
  • Easy-to-learn; no manual or wiki required.
  • Success depends on how well players use what they find and their surroundings. Problems have multiple solutions.
  • Visceral combat that’s at times fast-paced and at other times cautious and tactical.
  • Exploration is encouraged. Resources are finite but there’s no hunger clock.
  • Grinding is impossible.
  • Permadeath, but complete runs are short (a few hours).