Category: Weekly Update

  • Weekly Update – September 22, 2023

    It was a moderately productive week. My average game dev time per week has dropped by 4-6 hours in recent months. My weekend blocks are shorter because I’m not waking up as early. My morning blocks are shorter because I modified my morning routine (previously: wake up, work for 30-60 minutes, go to the gym,…

  • Weekly Update – September 15, 2023

    I started the week by playing for an hour and logging all the issues I came across. I spent the rest of the week fixing those issues. Next week, I’ll start with another play session, but the focus will be (hopefully) less on bugs and more on small improvements and polish.

  • Weekly Update – September 8, 2023

    I’ve emerged from the cavern proc gen rabbit hole I entered at the beginning of August. Cavern structures are in good shape now that loops can be added in a few ways. Further improvements are possible by tweaking the cavern generator parameters and adding more quality control checks. For another day… A couple of months…

  • Weekly Update – August 26, 2023

    With cavern corridors wrapped up, next on the todo list is an assortment of new content, enhancements, and bug fixes for caves.

  • Weekly Update – August 18, 2023

    Cavern corridors took three weeks to implement. That’s over 5% of a year. That’s enough time and effort spent on one feature to raise questions. Was this a necessary feature? Was it worth the effort? How many more features requiring 3+ weeks of development are required to release? Granted, it wasn’t a full three weeks…