Tag: Debugging

  • Weekly Update – April 12, 2024

    It was a moderately light week due to work travel. The focus was on balancing and bug fixing. The demo MVP status is as follows: Next week, I’ll continue working on balancing and bug fixing. I’m also looking into setting up a new audio system (there really isn’t one at the moment) to address bugs…

  • Weekly Update – April 5, 2024

    This week, I began balancing the levels to be included in the upcoming demo. It became evident that more fine-grained content selection was needed to achieve a smoother difficulty curve and greater variation between levels. This led to unplanned and somewhat difficult coding (the first bullet). The demo MVP status is as follows: Next week,…

  • Weekly Update – March 22, 2024

    I stuck to the demo MVP scope and accomplished more than I planned this week. Next week, I’ll address the common UI/UX issues revealed during Play Tests 2 and 3. I’m debating adding a simple tutorial to the demo. I’ll give that some thought over the weekend. Next week, I’ll also add more sound effects…

  • Weekly Update – March 15, 2024

    Higher focus this week compensated for lower available time. With the finalization of the demo MVP scope, the next milestone and the path to it are clear. Next week, I’ll run another play test, add missing sound effects, and fix bugs.

  • Weekly Update – March 1, 2024

    Next week, I plan to add encumbrance and do miscellaneous polishing and bug fixing.