Tag: Optimization

  • Weekly Update – March 15, 2024

    Higher focus this week compensated for lower available time. With the finalization of the demo MVP scope, the next milestone and the path to it are clear. Next week, I’ll run another play test, add missing sound effects, and fix bugs.

  • Weekly Update – June 2, 2023

    This month I’m planning to conduct Legend’s second play test ever. The testers will be my wife and kids (I’m taking baby steps). The first play test was performed by one of my sons. He discovered a game-breaking bug 30 seconds into the test. I’m hopeful that I’ll get more feedback this time around. In…

  • Weekly Update – January 28, 2023

    Next week, I’ll focus on the history generation implementation.

  • Weekly Update – December 3, 2021

    I missed the 11/30 target date for Release 3 but expect to complete the remaining work this weekend. As with the prior two releases, this release is internal (i.e. I’m the only person playing the game). Release 4 will be the first release available to others, though I’m not sure in what form yet. Certainly…

  • Weekly Update – November 26, 2021

    Most of the improved AI and game event response was built out this week.  Field of view for game events. Returns a list of the cells that can see an event. For each cell, the distance from the cell to the event is also calculated so that actor sight distance is taken into consideration. Game…