Author: John

  • Weekly Update – June 2, 2023

    This month I’m planning to conduct Legend’s second play test ever. The testers will be my wife and kids (I’m taking baby steps). The first play test was performed by one of my sons. He discovered a game-breaking bug 30 seconds into the test. I’m hopeful that I’ll get more feedback this time around. In […]

  • Weekly Update – May 26, 2023

    It was a light week due to vacation. Next week, my top goal is to fix combat with decent first-iteration item damage/damage reduction stats. And, there are still major bugs in the main game loop to remove.

  • Weekly Update – May 19, 2023

    I never thought I’d say this, but it felt great to get back to bug fixing this week. Procedural generation is my favorite part of roguelike development, but after four months of working almost exclusively on history generation, I was eager for a change. It was very satisfying to focus on making the main game…

  • Weekly Update – May 17, 2023

    I noticed that some history event types were never selected by the history generator. These events involved multiple existing entities, for example the leader of a faction attacking the leader of an opposing faction. After a laborious review of the history generation logs, I pieced together what was happening. An event type’s selection eligibility is…

  • Weekly Update – May 5, 2023

    Huge progress this week. The website was redesigned, Unity was upgraded (first time in over two years), and there were many history/map generation improvements. Next week, I’ll fix the issues introduced by upgrading Unity, add more history generation event types, and address open bugs in the main game loop.