Author: John

  • Weekly Update – May 17, 2024

    Bugs continue to emerge in the wake of the recent UI, audio, and observation system changes. They made this week a grind. On a positive note, the new sound propagation feature is working well and has improved gameplay and immersion. Sound effects only play if the player can hear them, and play at a volume…

  • Weekly Update – May 10, 2024

    Adding sound effects has become the vehicle for demo scope creep. It started with adding an audio manager and continued this week with sound propagation. The latter involved major rework of the observation system.  Next week, I’ll tie up the loose ends in the observation system rework and add more sound effects.

  • Weekly Update – May 3, 2024

    It was a productive week despite my normal time slots (early morning, between end of work and dinner, and long weekend mornings) being disrupted by work travel and family visiting over the weekend. UI Improvements Bug Fixes The demo MVP status is as follows: The demo backlog is dominated by audio-related tasks at this point.…

  • Weekly Update – April 26, 2024

    There was some scope creep on the demo MVP this week. I hadn’t planned on adding new enemies or rooms for the demo, but I encountered too much repetition during playtesting. I also hadn’t planned on adding an audio manager. But, to get the missing sounds into the demo and fix the issues with the…

  • Weekly Update – April 19, 2024

    I only had five hours this week because I was visiting family. The demo MVP status is as follows: Next week, I’m focusing on sound management and adding more sound effects. I’m considering using fmod.