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  • Weekly Update – April 28, 2023

    Work, illness, and visitors made for a slow start to the week. Despite this, I checked off a few big history generation tasks. I felt a bit burned out all week. I need to take some time off from history generation. I’ve been working on it almost exclusively over the past four months. It will […]

  • 2022 Year in Review

    Legend is now entering its fourth year of development. It took the first two years to build the foundation. Systems were stood up, then overhauled once, twice, or even three times in some cases. In 2022, rework dropped significantly (evidence that systems were stabilizing and meeting design needs), enabling me to focus on refinement and…

  • Weekly Update – December 17, 2022

    I’m on vacation for the rest of December and looking forward to making huge progress with all that time. Map generation refinement will be the main focus. If time allows I will also tackle speeding up game turns by enabling all actors to move at the same time.

  • Weekly Update – August 12, 2022

    Adding a new ability to summon a swarm of giant rats nearly derailed my plans for this week (and potentially the next few months) when I tried out the ability and, to my surprise, the rats started attacking each other. I realized that there was no way of indicating that the rats were both allies…