Weekly Update – May 31, 2024

It was a week of random activities inside and outside of the game.

  • Ambient sound handling. The audio problem I mentioned last week was solved. Ambient sounds can now be heard by the player regardless of their location, if the sound can reach the player. This was a somewhat significant effort. It required adding an ambient sound manager that tracks the entities that have ambient sounds (fountains, fire, etc.) and which sounds are currently playing (audible to the player).  
  • Added a scrollbar to the Inventory Panel. I needed to add more inventory slots but didn’t want to increase the size of the Inventory Panel so I added a scrollbar. 
Scrollbar added to Inventory Panel
  • Bought Hot Reload. This is a Unity asset that allows code edits without having to restart/recompile. It’s already saving me loads of time. I wish I had heard about it sooner.
  • Website improvements. I added a contact form to the website and removed the social media links from the top of the page after watching a video about digital marketing.

The demo status is as follows:

  • Play Test 3: 100%
  • Performance optimization: 100%
  • Minimap: 100%
  • Major UI/UX issues fixed: 95%
  • Missing sound effects added: 90%
  • Major bugs fixed: 55%
  • Missing liquid content: 50%
  • Balancing: 40%

Next week, I’ll aim to close out the UI/UX and sound demo tasks.





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