Tag: Refactoring

  • Weekly Update – August 26, 2023

    With cavern corridors wrapped up, next on the todo list is an assortment of new content, enhancements, and bug fixes for caves.

  • Weekly Update – July 14, 2023

    My day job has also been an early morning and late night job of late. Giving up early mornings has cut deeply into dev time, as this is my largest block of free time in the day and when I’m most productive. After these longer work days, I’m typically too brain-fried to do the level…

  • Weekly Update – June 9, 2023

    Free time was minimal this week. I continued preparing for the play test in late June, testing the main game loop, changing dungeon levels, and saving/continuing.  Free time will again be scarce next week. There’s some weirdness when moving back and forth between dungeon levels that needs fixing. Also, I’m second-guessing myself on equipment slots…

  • Weekly Update – May 26, 2023

    It was a light week due to vacation. Next week, my top goal is to fix combat with decent first-iteration item damage/damage reduction stats. And, there are still major bugs in the main game loop to remove.

  • Weekly Update – May 5, 2023

    Huge progress this week. The website was redesigned, Unity was upgraded (first time in over two years), and there were many history/map generation improvements. Next week, I’ll fix the issues introduced by upgrading Unity, add more history generation event types, and address open bugs in the main game loop.