Tag: Refactoring

  • Weekly Update – February 9, 2024

    Inventory event handling was overhauled this week. That wasn’t the plan, but it was necessary to get visual effects for items created by interactions fully functional. The UI code was a pain to work with because the extensive use of events made it difficult to follow. And, the event logic was a mess. Some events…

  • Weekly Update – November 17, 2023

    I remained in the map generation rabbit hole this week, but I can see the sky above and I’m climbing out.  Next week, I’ll enable the history generator and dungeon stocker to use nested map components.

  • Weekly Update – November 10, 2023

    I solved the big history generation problem I mentioned last week (the first bullet below). An uninterrupted half-day last Sunday got me across the finish line. To increase weekly game dev time I added 30 minutes of dev time to the start of each weekday (5 AM). It’s a small amount of time, but I…

  • Weekly Update – October 20, 2023

    With the map graph patterns that were added last week, I can now break maps down into key components (clusters of optional/required rooms, junctions, etc.). These components are more useful for determining where to place content than individual rooms. They’re also more useful for generated history event locations, though I don’t have this functionality fully…

  • Weekly Update – August 26, 2023

    With cavern corridors wrapped up, next on the todo list is an assortment of new content, enhancements, and bug fixes for caves.