Weekly Update – July 22, 2022

Over the course of the week dev time shrunk as my work days got longer. Great progress was made on automated testing, and it’s already helping to find bugs. The biggest benefit I’ve gotten from automated testing has been with “whack-a-mole” issues, where I fix a bug in one spot and create a new bug in another spot. 

  • Automated tests added for Abilities. The eight Abilities that have been created so far now have automated tests. Because Abilities are tied into many systems, they are a high risk area for bugs. I no longer have to test each Ability individually. This will be a major time saver, especially after the 100+ planned Abilities are all in the game.
  • Non-player actors can now use Abilities. Abilities are no longer limited to player classes. Any number of Abilities can be assigned to any actor. I still need to convert some enemy powers, such as transforming into a Vampire Bat, to proper Abilities, and incorporate Abilities into AI.

Next week, automated testing continues with Items. Also, I want to close out more bugs than I was able to this week. Finally, I want to put at least one new thing into the game (an item, enemy, or object).






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