Tag: Balancing

  • Weekly Update – October 6, 2023

    This week’s achievements are an assortment of small (effort-wise) changes aimed at improving gameplay. I think the balancing changes (adjusting enemy counts)  made the game noticeably more fun because they lowered frustration and raised the challenge. Next week, I’m enabling history generation to use the map graph to determine event locations. Currently, the history generator…

  • Weekly Update – June 23, 2023

    It was another demanding work week.  Next week, I will definitely have more free time. I’ll be concentrating on the dozen known defects that must be fixed before the play test. Also, combat stats and map generation need a bit of fine-tuning for the play test.

  • Weekly Update – June 16, 2023

    Two weeks in a row I’ve had almost zero free time due to work. This will push the next play test 1-2 weeks out. Next week, I’ll resolve the biggest issues I found while play testing this week. Maybe I’ll reach a decision on the number of armor slots to include. For now, to simplify…