Weekly Update – April 15, 2022

More UI improvements were made this week. They were relatively minor; there are no major pending improvements. I continued using clockify.me to track my time. I’ll share stats after accumulating a month’s worth of data.

  • Action icon size reduced, resolution increased. I originally made the action icons larger than desired because the game’s low base resolution (640×360) 
  • Arrows displayed in between action icons. This better depicts that the displayed actions are performed in a sequence.
  • Tooltips for game buttons (inventory, game menu, etc.)
  • Small adjustments. Changed from a left click to a right click for inspecting items in inventory (for consistency with the rest of the UX); improved Inspect Panel button layouts; enabled the Inspect Panel for hotbar and Quick Switch Slots.
  • Improvements that were reverted. I added displaying tooltips when hovering over cells but removed it because it seemed too redundant. I also added code that would reposition the action icon when it appeared over the player, but it didn’t benefit the experience and created an inconsistency. 
  • Bug fixes. These addressed issues created by the recent changes.

I’m still determining the direction for next week. It’s time to tackle the next item on the roadmap, which is the main game loop. This involves player visibility and combat. I need to build out some abilities to truly playtest combat.






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