Weekly Update – December 9, 2022

I was on vacation most of the week and took a break from my laptop. Today was productive though – my goals for the week were completed across a couple of solid time blocks.

  • Map sections. Dungeon levels can now be partitioned into separate sections. Each section can be populated and styled from a different theme, such as a bastion, cavern, or tomb.
  • Map loops. Looping has been added. It’s pretty arbitrary at the moment; all rooms that share a wall but aren’t connected are identified, and doors are added in a random number of instances.  
  • Map graph visualizer improvements. The starting node is now shown at the top of the graph, the node number is only incremented for rooms (not corridors), and secret and blocked doors are indicated by different edge styles.

Next week, I’ll refine map sections and loops. Map sections don’t connect to each other because they’re generated independently. Otherwise, they’re working well. Loop generation needs greater control. Rather than adding a random number of loops in random locations, I want to control the size, position, and quantity based on the generated map structure. I’ll also add another theme (there are currently only two – bastion and cavern) to better demonstrate the new map sections capability.





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