Weekly Update – June 24, 2022

Time was limited this week and mostly went into bug fixing. I add a new map element and a new ability to keep content creation going.

  • New Map Element: Barrel of Water. This is a variation of a standard barrel that contains water. Destroying the barrel will create a puddle. It can be used to reduce the impact of explosions and put out fires.
  • New Ability: Run. The Run ability enables an actor to move across multiple cells in one turn. I’m thinking all or most player classes will get this ability.
  • Item type configuration validation. A few recent bugs were caused by improperly configured item types, for example a ranged weapon having a maximum range of 0. I added some checks to catch these issues when the items are initially loaded.
  • Bug fixes.

Next week, time will again be short and bug fixing will again be priority one. I will squeeze in one or two new abilities too.





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