Weekly Update – March 6, 2022

It’s been slow-going the past few weeks due to limited free time (the typical reason). I continued to work on the new quick switch slot feature this week. I uncovered another existing capability that needs rework to support quick switch slots: using a bow and arrow. Originally, to shoot an arrow, the player had to click a hotbar slot containing arrows and then select the target cell. Part of my justification for creating the quick switch slots was to make the shooting process less cumbersome. I wanted to limit mouse clicks and mouse movement as much as possible. The rework I now need to do is to bypass the cell selection step and fire the arrow as soon as the player clicks on a valid target in the range of the player’s selected bow.   

  • Cosmetic improvements to quick switch slots. I changed the background color to differentiate quick switch slots from standard inventory slots. I also added an icon for deselecting a quick switch item.
  • Bug fixes related to the recent equipment changes. 

Next week, my priorities are: 1) get bows and arrows working again, 2) finish the logic that determines the action to perform when a cell is clicked based on the selected quick switch items, and 3) get torches working. Time will again be a challenge in the coming week, so I’m not sure how far I’ll get.






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