Weekly Update – March 8, 2024

Many tasks were completed this week but it wasn’t all net progress. The rework supporting last week’s status effect enhancements left many bugs in its wake. All that effort stemmed from adding a spider web object. Was it worth it? In the long run, yes, but it was too expensive at this stage, where I have yet to release anything playable to the public.

I scratched my plan to add encumbrance this week. It felt like less of a priority than it did a week ago. There are too many more important things to work on (like spider webs evidently). I need to formally define the minimum viable product requirements for the public demo and only work on completing those requirements.

  • Actor Movement Capabilities. Actors now track whether they can move to another location and perform stationary actions. Action, item, and ability definitions now include the Movement Capabilities an actor must have to be used. This prevents an actor from performing actions and using items and abilities when the actor has a movement-limiting status such as Stuck or Rooted. A Rooted actor can still use actions, items, and abilities that only require stationary movement.
  • New Action: Break Out. When the player gets stuck in a web, hovering over the player’s cell will display the Break Out action. This action gives the player a chance to break free from the web.
  • Webs catch on fire when walking into them with a fire-emitting item such as a torch or other fire-emitting item such as a Fire Sword. I reasoned that walking into floor-to-ceiling webs with a lit torch will inevitably start a fire.
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Many log messages added and/or corrected for status effects.
    • Cursor action icons don’t appear if the player can’t perform the action based on the player’s current Movement Capabilities.
    • Turns remaining for finite status effects now shown in tooltips.
  • Bug fixes
    • Multiple bugs introduced by last week’s status effect changes. 

Next week, the most important task is to define the public demo MVP. That will determine what else I do next week.





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