Weekly Update – October 28, 2022

As with the previous week, I have some real life issues impacting my availability. It doesn’t take long for the codebase to begin feeling unfamiliar after a stretch of not working with it. The issue has been exacerbated by spending most of the time I’ve had outside of the code editor, studying hand-drawn dungeon maps. Maps in Legend are currently a random, incohesive collection of rooms. This is common in roguelikes, but one of my main goals for the game is maps that look and play like they were created by a person. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that is very important to me, so important that it needs to be in the initial release. Last week I designed a solution for matching structural patterns in the map to content. This week I designed a new solution for arranging map areas such as rooms and corridors. This solution will replace the current BSP-based map area generator. Next week, I will implement the new map area generator.





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