Weekly Update – April 1, 2022

There’s not much of interest to report this week. Last week I implied that there wasn’t much work to do on Cell Context Menus because they technically already exist – the Inspect Panel lists the actions that can be performed on the entity being inspected. However, not all of the actions were listed. I couldn’t simply add the missing items because they are implemented in a different manner than the actions that were being listed. Specifically, the missing actions inherit from the UserCommand class and the included actions inherit from the ActionType class. I decided to simplify things by having actions inherit from ActionType, and limiting the purpose of UserCommand to mapping input to actions. This led to a lot of rework.

  • Item light sources for non-player actors. Actors other than the player now display light sources from the items they’ve equipped.
  • Dropped torches. When a lit torch is dropped, it now stays lit and maintains its light source. When the player picks up the torch, the torch is added to inventory as an unlit torch and the light source is removed.
  • Quick Switch Slot improvement. When no item is selected in a Quick Switch Slot, the deselect option, which is redundant in this scenario, is no longer shown. 
  • Bug fixes. These were mostly issues introduced by this week’s extensive rework rather than long-standing issues.
  • Refactoring. I used the rework as an opportunity to refactor where it was easy to do. This included cleaning up some classes and method extraction.
  • Contemplated a name change. “Legend” is the third name that this game has had. I’m considering changing it after recently watching a video on naming your game. My concerns are that “Legend” is too generic, too hard to search for, and has copyright risk. I made a list of words that convey some aspect of the game this week. None of them jumped out at me. I’ll keep adding to the list and playing around with different combinations until something clicks.

Next week, there’s some more rework testing and cleanup to do. I also need to make minor refinements to some of the recently added features. 






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