Weekly Update – April 9, 2021

  • Improved Enemy AI. Enemies will now look through their inventory to determine the best action to perform. If an enemy has both a bow and a sword, and the player is far away, the enemy will shoot at the player. The criteria is currently range and damage, but the criteria and logic can be expanded to make the AI more sophisticated. Also fixed ranged combat in the process (main goal for this week).
  • Random item drops when enemies die. Experimenting with this, not sure how it will work in the final game. This also applies to items inside of objects like barrels and piles of bones.
  • Enemies drop their inventory items when they die. Another experiment; may be difficult to balance.
  • Destructible objects that block vision. This is similar to the Vegetation in Pixel Dungeon. Not sure how I’ll use it, just a fun mechanic I was able to quickly add while working on some related items.
  • Miscellaneous refactoring, including downsizing the number of variables in object types by moving the variables into the appropriate component (for example, moving health to a Damageable component).
  • Many, many bug fixes, mostly still lingering from the recent major refactoring.

Next week, the focus will be on bug fixes and improving performance when multiple actors are acting as I work toward completing MVP2.






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