Weekly Update – August 27, 2021

Launch ETANov 2022
Current Phase3 of 5 (goal: working full game demo)
Current Phase ETANov 2021
August 2021 GoalsScreen Layouts: 100%; Hotbar: 95%; Abilities Panel: 75%


Title Screen (16:9 aspect ratio)
Select Class Screen (16:9 aspect ratio)
Inventory, Hotbar, and Tooltip


This Week’s Achievements

  • Hotbar. The Hotbar is fully functional. Items and abilities can be dragged to and from the Hotbar. The default behavior for the item/ability can then be used by clicking the Hotbar slot containing the item/ability.
  • Inventory drag and drop. Inventory items can now be rearranged by dragging and dropping. Items are now equipped and unequipped by dragging in and out of equipment slots rather than having to inspect the item and press the Equip/Unequip button.
  • Tooltips. Hovering over an item or ability now displays a description.
  • Abilities Window. Players can now see their abilities and use them either from the Abilities window or by dragging onto the Hotbar.
  • Reformatted screens for 16:9 aspect ratio and made some additional layout improvements.
  • Refined UI elements. I added some more visual flair to panels and buttons. 

Next Week’s Goals

Next week, to complete the August goals, I need to implement save/load for the Hotbar and finish up the Abilities Panel. Then it’s on to the September features: enemy alerts, abilities, sound effects (first iteration), and Character and Options windows.





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