Weekly Update – January 28, 2023

  • Map generation optimization. Map generation was further optimized this week, bringing memory allocation to ~50 MB (from 5.5 GB originally). Optimization is taking longer now. The low-hanging fruit has been picked; the remaining inefficiencies are more spread out and smaller percentages of the whole. Good gains came from removing some logging calls, which are expensive in Unity. Another boost came from reworking the graph shortest path algorithm, which gets called for every unique pair of rooms. When I optimize, I focus first on memory allocation and second on duration. Memory is in good shape, but it is still taking 5-6 seconds to generate a map (the 3-5 seconds I reported last week was incorrect; I wasn’t looking at the actual duration data). My goal is under 3 seconds, so there’s still some optimization work to be done. I’m targeting code that is frequently executed. The worst case is slightly over 1,000,000 executions.
  • History procedural generation design. The conceptual design is done. The next step is software architecture/code design.

Next week, I’ll focus on the history generation implementation.





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