Weekly Update – June 7, 2024

The confluence of life events this week left me with almost no free time.

  • Added reverb to sound effects. A reverb effect is now applied to sounds. The effect was easy to add using FMOD. A nice feature in FMOD is that it can connect to the game, allowing me to tweak the reverb effect settings in real time. Despite this convenience, I’m struggling to produce a reverb effect that sounds right for a cave.
  • Added version text (Demo 2024.1) to Title, Select Class, and Continue screens.
  • UI/UX review. I reviewed UI/UX across all screens and, after some small fixes, I think it’s good enough for the demo.
  • Descoped liquid content from the demo. It’s more work than anticipated and not critical for the demo. I need to think more about the interactions of liquids, such as how potions of varying power levels and effects are combined and how different volumes of liquids (potions, puddles, cisterns, fountains, pools) are combined. I’m getting carried away with the logic. I need to take a step back and reassess what all of this adds to the gameplay.
  • Bug fixes. Misaligned UI elements, incorrect log message grammar/content.

The demo status is as follows:

  • Play Test 3: 100%
  • Performance optimization: 100%
  • Minimap: 100%
  • Major UI/UX issues fixed: 100%
  • Missing sound effects added: 90%
  • Major bugs fixed: 60%
  • Balancing: 40%
  • Missing liquid content: 50%

Next week, life will settle down just slightly. I will have another go at getting reverb right but I’m not making any firm plans beyond that.






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