Weekly Update – March 3, 2023

Having several large, distraction-free blocks of time was a huge productivity boost this week. I haven’t had that over the past month. History generation progress continued to accelerate. The current capabilities are:

  • History event types, created using the Unity Inspector.
  • Logical sequencing of events via preconditions: conditions that must be satisfied for the event to be used
  • Event type text templates: the event type expressed in a human-readable statement, with placeholders for world state entities that can be bound to the event
  • Event placeholder to world state entity binding, with entity selection criteria
  • Support for the following world state entity types: map sections, map elements (rooms, decor), factions, actors, objects, and items
  • World state generation from events

What’s still needed:

  • Map population from world state
  • World state entity injection into map elements
  • Additional world state entity attributes

Next week, the “What’s still needed” bullets are the goal.





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