Weekly Update – May 24, 2024

Audio is really coming along, but there is one major problem: sounds don’t play if the player can’t see the source of the sound. I’m working out an efficient solution for this. There are potentially actors making noise throughout the dungeon level. These noises can be the result of an action, such as opening a door, or ongoing, such as a crackling fire. Determining which actors can hear a sound is expensive. Doing this for multiple sounds each turn brings the game to a crawl.

This week’s accomplishments:

  • Many sound effects added, including cave ambience, enemy-specific attacks, UI interactions, and miscellaneous events.
  • Bug fixes.

The demo status is as follows:

  • Play Test 3: 100%
  • Performance optimization: 100%
  • Minimap: 100%
  • Major UI/UX issues fixed: 90%
  • Missing sound effects added: 85%
  • Major bugs fixed: 55%
  • Missing liquid content: 50%
  • Balancing: 40%

Next week, I’ll work on the sound problem I mentioned above, adding more sound effects, and fixing more bugs.






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