Weekly Update – November 25, 2023

  • Map/History generation and graph support for Map Component Trees. (Background: when a level is generated, a graph of the connections between rooms is created. The graph is broken down into subgraphs, Map Components, based on node connection patterns. Last week’s main achievement enabled Map Components to be broken down as well.) To support nested Map Components, I changed the Map Component collection from a list to a tree. Unsurprisingly, that broke some things. I’ve fixed 80% of what’s broken; the History Event Type editor still needs to be updated. Graph visualization was updated to reflect nested Map Components.

The filled in rectangles are groups; darker fill shades indicate nested groups. Chains are enclosed in rectangles with dotted lines. Required nodes have a black border; the thicker borders indicate the required nodes for the level, the thinner borders indicate nodes that are required relative to the groups they’re in.

Next week, I’ll add History Event Type editor support for nested Map Components and share some Bandit Hideout examples.





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