Weekly Update – October 28, 2023

All of my game dev time occurred on Saturday while watching the Roguelike Celebration talks. I had no time available the rest of the week.

The main thing I worked on was fixing an issue with map graph chains (sequences of nodes with 1-2 edges). Chains weren’t being identified when they didn’t terminate at a dead-end. I expected this to be a quick fix, but I wound up rewriting half of the chain recognition code.

I’m in the process of incorporating the new component model into map and history generation (this was the main goal for the week). This model breaks the map graph into discrete areas (components) that can be used to apply related content across multiple connected rooms. As of last week, the components are being identified, but the map and history generators can’t use them yet.

Next week, I’ll continue working on support for the new component model.





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