Weekly Update – December 1, 2023

  • History Event support for nested Map Components. This allows the map generator to place multi-room content in the context of a larger group of rooms. For example, a portion of the map could contain a bandit hideout, and within that hideout, there could be a sequence of guarded rooms leading to a treasure vault.
  • Chain Map Components fixed and improved. I spent most of the week on this. Map Chains are sequences of rooms and/or corridors with no branching. They stopped working (and didn’t work that well to begin with) after the Map Component model was introduced. In addition to adapting Chains to the Map Component model, some improvements to Chains were made. The rooms in a Chain are now ordered based on their distance from the starting room of the level. This allows content to be placed in the correct order, for example a boss room will appear before a treasure room. Also, when stocking a Chain, corridors can now be ignored. This addressed a frequent issue in which the stocking specification didn’t match the Chain structure. For example, a stocking specification that populates two rooms should work in a Chain containing two rooms as well as a Chain containing two rooms with corridors in between the rooms, before the first room, or after the last room.
  • New map content: Barracks and Cave-ins. These were built using Chain Map Components. The Barracks are placed in some of the dead-ends in Bandit Hideouts. The Cave-ins span a few rooms and/or corridors.
Barracks and cave-ins

Next week, I’ll continue creating content for the Bandit Hideout. Also, the map generator is regularly encountering dozens of errors. I’ll fix some, if not all, of these. Errors aside, map generation needs a dose of quality control to fix issues like the one below, in which different room types are applied to the same room.

Multiple room types applied to the same room





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