Weekly Update – December 2, 2022

Map generation version 2 continued to evolve this week, primarily through incorporation of features from the original map generator. These features include caverns, circular rooms, theme correction, and dungeon stocking.

Example maps:

Example map

    Generator in action:

    Map generation version 2 (work-in-progress)

    Looping didn’t make it in yet. I got hung up on partitioning the map into sections, which ties into how the looping will work.

    The above examples use the version 1 stocking logic, which randomly populates each room using a weighted randomizer based on room type rarity. The need for more intelligent dungeon stocking is what triggered creating a second version of the map generator. As with looping, sections are key. The plan is to partition the map into several sections and apply content based on the section type.

    Also, map graphs got some minor improvements – corridors have been de-emphasized by removing the node labels and making the nodes smaller. This makes it easier to understand the map structure. Here’s an example:

    Sample map graph with de-emphasized corridors

    Next week, I’ll figure out map sectioning and looping.





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