Weekly Update – December 22, 2023

This week was a mix of new content, minor history/map generation enhancements, and bug fixes resulting from my playtesting of Bandit Hideouts.

  • New rooms: Bandit Captain Chamber, Mushroom Garden.
  • New enemies: Bandit Captain, Bandit Archer. Adding an enemy with a ranged attack (Bandit Archer) to the melee-only assortment of enemies has made combat in the Bandit Hideout much more interesting.
  • Room type limit. This prevents illogical or excessive use of room types on a map. A Bandit Hideout with four Dining Halls can no longer be created.
  • History event type rarity. This enables some event types to be randomly selected more often than others. It replaces a “Weight” integer attribute that achieved the same result, but was more difficult to manage (I had to keep changing the Weight values of all events to achieve the desired distribution).
  • Increased the chances of item and money drops in destroyed storage objects (barrels, crates, pots) and added a slight chance of drops for broken and open storage objects. 
  • Improved object placement options. Corner and side placement options now work with irregular room shapes such as caverns. The total number of objects added from clusters of objects can now be configured.
  • Bug fixes
    • Incompatible room types can be placed in the same area.
    • Clustered objects block paths.
    • Rugs not being placed.
    • Some objects appear under rugs.
    • Some doors are unintentionally converted to hidden doors.

Next week, I’ll work on the errors and exceptions I came across during my playtesting this week. I may even let some other people in my house play…





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