Weekly Update – December 9, 2023

I worked on Bandit Hideout content this week. Creating content has been difficult. More accurately, getting new content to appear on the map has been difficult. Many rooms that should be populated aren’t. There’s a lot of logic behind the selection and placement of map content, and troubleshooting is arduous. I haven’t determined if code, configuration, or a combination of the two is to blame. I’ll need to find ways to make the design and troubleshooting of map content more manageable.

  • Room and room group ownership. Rooms and room groups can now have owners. This is used to prevent a room or room group from being stocked twice. It will also be used by the history generator. If a group of goblins wanders into a new area owned by bandits, the history generator will create an event for the interaction of the two factions. 
  • New objects: Large Table, Chair. The Large Table can span multiple cells with 9-slice sprites. Chairs are placed in random locations around the table using a new feature that places objects next to a specific type of object. 
  • New room type: Dining Hall. This is populated with a Large Table, Chairs, and Bandits.
  • Minor improvements
    • Chains can now be configured to stock a room from a list of room types and to repeat a stocking pattern for a specified number of rooms.
    • Grid layouts now support maximum horizontal and vertical elements.

Next week, I plan to finish the Bandit Hideout and make map content design and troubleshooting easier.





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