Weekly Update – February 2, 2024

This week I refined object interaction, added new interactions, made a few UI improvements, and fixed several bugs. I planned on posting a demo of object/item interaction but there are still some issues with the visual effects.

  • New content
    • Objects: Cure Poison Fountain
    • Interactions: Mix Poison and Cure Poison Potions, Mix Water and Mushroom Pieces, Water and Brazier, Water and Fire, Torch and Unlit Brazier, Poison and Brazier, Puddle and Empty Vial
    • Items: Lantern, Fear Potion
  • Object interaction refinements
    • Items with a quantity > 1 are now handled correctly
    • Inventory panel immediately inventory reflects changes
    • Items can’t be combined with themselves (yes, this was previously, and unintentionally, possible)
    • More descriptive text shown after completing an interaction 
    • Hotbar correctly updated after an interaction.
    • (Crude) visual effects for items and objects affected by an interaction.
  • Inventory and Inspect Panels are no longer modal. These panels can now be opened and closed separately. It was previously possible to display both of them at the same time, but this functionality was implemented through a workaround and had limitations.
  • Item quantity displayed in Inspect Panel. The item quantity should always have appeared. It became essential when item interactions were added because interactions typically change the item quantity.
  • Quick Switch Slot background images lightened to better distinguish from the selected item in the slot.
  • Bug fixes
    • Actors appear under walls when moving
    • Performing more than one interaction in the same Inspect Panel instance causes error.causes error.
    • When clicking the Throw button from the Inspect Panel, the panel doesn’t close.

Next week’s todo list includes bug fixes, new room types, and new object interactions.





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