Weekly Update – January 6, 2023

  • Node pattern-based stocking. This identifies the best locations on the map to place specific types of content using node patterns on the map graph. To my pleasant surprise, this was easy to implement. The difficult pieces – constructing the map graph and identifying various patterns – were already in place. I just need to tie it all together and make it configurable through the Unity inspector. All four of the Map Generation 2.0 objectives are now complete. A stretch goal, story-driven map content placement, is still out there. 
  • Symmetry and alignment in room / corridor generation. A preference for symmetry and alignment is now built into the generation, resulting in maps that look more human-made.  
  • Priority randomizer. This is a new randomizer that randomly selects items from a prioritized list. In practice, the priorities are used as categories rather than a stat-ranking (the latter wouldn’t be random). This randomizer is used to randomly select a list of items in order of priority, forcing preferred options to be selected first.
  • 9-slice sprite support. Unity has 9-slice support built in, but it didn’t apply to my use case. Now 9-slice objects such as rugs and pools can be created in the editor.
  • Map Generation 2.0 code clean-up. Some of the cell locator classes, which identify specific cells to place content, were combined, reducing the number of classes from seven to three. Two different sets of classes had emerged for specifying Map Element placement criteria. One set of these classes was removed. 

Next week’s goals are:

  1. Multi-area Map Elements. This allows Map Elements involving multiple map areas, such as a locked door and key, to be added.
  2. Simultaneous actor animations. Each turn, all actors’ actions should be shown at the same time, instead of sequentially.





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