Weekly Update – June 18, 2021

My main goal this week was to finalize features for Release 3. That was completed with the exception of magic; I’m still determining how magic will work in the game.

The other major focus was reimplementing object interaction. I made good progress but a lot of time was required to think through the problem and solution. I realized that I was mixing two things: player actions and interactions between objects. For instance, when a player clicks on a pile of bones that is a few cells away, I want the player to move to the cell adjacent to the bones and then attack the bones. In this case, the player’s intent was to attack the bones. However, if there’s a pile of bones along the player’s path, that isn’t in the destination cell, the player needs to move over the bones instead of attacking. In this case, the player has a different intent and opts not to act when it comes upon the bones. The solution was to specify the default player action for each object and use that to determine what the player will do if that object is in the cell the player clicked. Each player action is a Monobehaviour that implements the IPlayerAction interface. This allows player actions to be added to objects and easily identified by calling GetComponents<IPlayerAction>(). I think there is a more elegant solution out there, but this gets the job done.

That’s pretty much it for this week. My time was more limited than usual. I recently discovered the Game Maker’s Toolkit Youtube Channel and have been getting a lot of great insights from it. It’s very well done; I highly recommend it.

Next week, I need to sort out how magic will work. And, I need to get some more Release 3 features done. I’m almost one month into a six month schedule and already behind.






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