Weekly Update – June 9, 2023

Free time was minimal this week. I continued preparing for the play test in late June, testing the main game loop, changing dungeon levels, and saving/continuing. 

  • New Abilities
    • Protection. A spell that absorbs damage temporarily.
    • Equipment Passive Abilities. The highest levels of weapons and armor a player can use are now based on the player’s acquired Abilities. The Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Melee Weapons Abilities enable the player use to increasingly powerful melee weapons, for example. The player’s class dictates which Abilities the player can acquire.
  • Disguise names and descriptions. When inspecting an entity (actor/item/object), the entity’s prefab name is displayed as the entity name. This is a problem when an entity is disguised as something, for example a Mimic or Animated Bones. I added disguise name and description fields to conceal the true identity of  disguised entities. The true identity can be revealed by certain means such as Detect Magic.
  • Refactored sprite correction. One of the last steps in map generation changes sprites for entities that have different sprites based on their neighboring cells (e.g. Rugs and Webs). I originally wrote this for a single entity type, but I later found that different entity types required different layout logic. I modified the sprite correction to work with different layout schemes.
  • Bug fixes. 

Free time will again be scarce next week. There’s some weirdness when moving back and forth between dungeon levels that needs fixing. Also, I’m second-guessing myself on equipment slots as I finalize the starting equipment for each player class. Should there be a single armor slot or multiple? Currently there are four slots: body, head, hands, and feet. Finally, I’ll test combat with all three starting classes (Knight, Ranger, Wizard).





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