Weekly Update – March 1, 2024

  • New content
    • Room Types: Stalagmite Monster Chamber, Zombie Infestation, Rat’s Nest, Bandit Campsite
    • Interactions: Weapon + Poison Potion
    • Status Effects: Rooted, Stuck
  • Weapon and armor degradation. Weapons and armor involved in combat now degrade. The amount of degradation depends on the weapon’s Damage Type and the target’s Physical Material. 
  • Limited use weapon effects. Currently, weapons can cause effects when they hit. For example, the Fire Sword causes the Burning status effect on its target. Now, additional effects can be applied to weapons that only last for a limited number of hits. This feature was required to add poison to weapons. A weapon can be dipped into a poison potion to give the weapon the ability to poison the actors it hits. After a certain number of hits, the effect wears off.
  • Item interactions with item type collections. Previously, the definitions for item interactions could only contain specific item types. This was a problem for interactions that applied to many item types, such as dipping a melee weapon in poison. Support for type collections (e.g. melee weapons) was added to address this.
  • Contact-based status effects. Status effects can now be configured to last only while an entity is making contact with a status effect-causing entity. For example, when the player walks onto a cell with a web, the Stuck status effect is applied. When the actor moves out of the cell or the web is destroyed, the status effect is removed.
  • Status effect sources. The sources of status effects are now tracked. This was needed for situations in which an actor receives a status effect from multiple sources, for example walking into a web and then being shot with a web by a spider. In this example, destroying one of the webs should not remove the Stuck status effect. Only when there are no more sources of the status effect should the status effect be removed.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements
    • Log message displayed when item is destroyed from degradation.
    • Item health displayed in the Inspect Panel.
    • Random starting durability for enemy equipment. Enemy equipment will now typically have some wear and tear.
  • Bug fixes
    • The game locks up if an actor can’t determine an action to perform. This was introduced by the recent addition of Action Points. The actor’s Action Points weren’t getting consumed because it wasn’t performing an action, causing an infinite loop. The solution was to have actors perform the existing Wait action when they didn’t have any other actions to perform.
    • Pathfinding no longer avoids dangerous cells.
    • Able to pathfind through unseen cells if the starting and ending cells could be seen.
    • Throwing an item resets its durability.
    • Dogs block sight.
    • Inspect Panel buttons not refreshing when items dragged into the Inspect Panel inventory.

Next week, I plan to add encumbrance and do miscellaneous polishing and bug fixing.  





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