Weekly Update – May 26, 2023

It was a light week due to vacation.

  • Revamped movement with object interaction. When the player is too far away from an object to interact with it, clicking on the object causes the player to walk to the object and then interact with it. The recent open/close door changes broke this in some cases. Since I couldn’t find a simple fix and the logic was hard to follow, I reworked the logic on paper and updated the code accordingly. The root issue was overly-complicated branching. It should be a lot easier to work with this code in the future.
  • Damage and damage reduction stat progression design. Combat is currently broken because damage and damage reduction stats are completely unbalanced. I resumed working on a spreadsheet I started last year containing damage calculations and weapon/armor stats. It’s slow-going. I have solid numbers for how many hits the player can take before dying based on all combinations of weapon and armor tiers. Based on these numbers, I also have minimum net damage per weapon/armor tier combination. I’m now struggling with deriving armor damage reduction values from net damage.
  • Summoner and demon corpses.
Demon and Summoner corpses
  • Bug fixes
    • Missing stat modifiers on some armor items.
    • Error when attempting to ascend stairs on the first level of the dungeon.

Next week, my top goal is to fix combat with decent first-iteration item damage/damage reduction stats. And, there are still major bugs in the main game loop to remove.





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