Weekly Update – October 14, 2022

Play-testing at the beginning of the week produced a long list of improvements and bugs to work through. There is no better method for prioritizing work than playing your game (or better yet having others play it too).

  • Finalized the Death Screen. Consisting of a text message and “Try Again” button, the death screen is basic, but will suffice for the demo release. It looks simple but took some effort to hide and disable things – stat meters, status icons, enemy health bars, hotbar, player input.
Death screen
  • Finalized the Won Game Screen. 
  • Separated actions that entities can perform and actions that can be performed on entities. A few times throughout Legend’s development I’ve unintentionally used an object for multiple purposes. This was the case with the entity ActionTypes collection. Originally this object was used to store the types of actions that can be performed on an entity, e.g. the Drink action for a Fountain, the Open action for a Door. Later, I started using it to also store the actions that an Actor could perform. I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I clearly wasn’t thinking enough, especially considering how simple the solution was – two separate collections.
  • New Map Elements
    • Portal. The Portal appears on the last level. When players step into the portal, they exit the dungeon and win the game.
    • Debris Pile. This replaces the Grass Map Element, which didn’t fit into the dungeon setting. The Debris Pile blocks movement and sight and is destroyed in one hit.
  • Minor improvements
    • Turns remaining added to status effect tooltip.
    • Magic bar is hidden for player classes that don’t use magic.
    • When an actor is healed, the floating text showing the number of HP is now green instead of red.
  • Bug fixes
    • The Inspect Panel doesn’t work. Recent changes broke it.
    • Torch light doesn’t appear when the game starts. When I removed all the starting items from all player classes (many of which were added for testing purposes) and re-added them, I forgot to give each class a torch.
    • Torch light doesn’t disappear when a torch is unequipped. I discovered that the torch game object was being added to the player twice. The torch was being added twice because two different events added torches. Two different events exist because one event is triggered by equipping a torch (needed on level 1, when starting items are automatically equipped) and the other is triggered by setting the quick switch slot (needed on level 2 and after because the torch light has to be re-instantiated and the equip event will not fire because the torch is already equipped). I modified the second event to check for the existence of a torch light game object before instantiating a new one.
    • Inspecting cells with multiple entities of the same type doesn’t work.
    • Finite status effects have one extra turn. I had no idea this was happening; adding the turns remaining to status effect tooltips exposed this.
    • Flames show damage floating text when they burn out.
    • Player is able to open doors that aren’t adjacent.

Next week will look similar to this week. AI isn’t being properly saved/restored across levels or saved games. This will be a pain to fix but is necessary. There’s some interesting map generation work to do too, though I’ll need to be careful to avoid getting carried away with it.





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