Weekly Update – April 5, 2024

This week, I began balancing the levels to be included in the upcoming demo. It became evident that more fine-grained content selection was needed to achieve a smoother difficulty curve and greater variation between levels. This led to unplanned and somewhat difficult coding (the first bullet).

  • Level-based random content selection. History events, rooms, actors, objects, and items can now have a variable likelihood of appearing based on the dungeon level. For example, a Bandit is rare on the first level of the dungeon but common on the second level. A nice byproduct of this change is a map generation performance boost. At the start of map generation, the eligible content for the level is now identified and cached. When randomly selecting content, it is no longer necessary to select from the full game content list; only the options available for the current level will be in the cache.
  • UI/UX improvements
    • Map button added.
    • Interface button width reduced to accommodate more buttons.
    • Equipment slots rearranged.
    • Item tooltips show stat value difference vs currently equipped item.
    • Durability is hidden if the item’s maximum Durability is 1.
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Enemies now attempt to equip items they pick up.
    • Identified items are now automatically equipped if the corresponding equipment slot is empty.
  • Bug fixes
    • Bandits not equipping armor or dropping armor when they die. I was wondering why bandits have been so easy to defeat of late!
    • Error when opening doors. This was introduced by a recent change to how items are transferred when an actor is converted to a different actor type.
    • When right-clicking on a cell with no actions, the cell cursor is hidden.
    • Stalagmite Monster description was wrong.

The demo MVP status is as follows:

  • Play Test 3: 100%
  • Performance optimization: 100%
  • Minimap: 100%
  • Major UI/UX issues fixed: 60%
  • Balancing: 30%
  • Missing sound effects added: 40%
  • Major bugs fixed: 25%
  • Missing liquid content: 0%

Next week, the focus is balancing and adding sound effects for the demo.





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