Weekly Update – December 15, 2023

I worked on the Bandit Hideout this week. It’s coming together but needs more content and quality control. Examples below.

Bandit Hideout occupying the left half of the map. The hideout includes a Dining Hall, Armory, Bear Pen, Storage, and Guard Posts.
Bandit Hideout occupying the lower left quadrant of the map.

History generation performance has gotten terrible (10 seconds). Randomly selecting a history event is an O(n!) operation for each event type, each turn of the history generator.

I added the map and map graph images to the History Generation HTML File. Now I can see everything at once instead of having to open three separate files.

The HTML file generated for each map now includes the map graph and map images.

I fixed the main source of the issue I mentioned last week, that caused maps to be sparsely populated and new room types to never appear. In short, the history generator wasn’t trying every combination of criteria values when selecting an event type. 

Next week, work on the Bandit Hideout continues.





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