Weekly Update – January 12, 2024

Of late, it feels like I’m building an actual game rather than an ever-expanding engine or tech demo. It’s a good feeling. More improvements and bug fixes stemming from the playtest were completed this week.

  • New content
    • Rooms and Room Sequences: Treasure Vault with Hidden Door, Web-Filled Corridor, Spider Lair, Cave-In.
    • Objects: Food Barrel.
    • Enemies: Unarmed Bandit.
  • Entity placement in the same cell as another entity. When populating the map with content, there’s no direct way to place an entity in the cell where a specific entity or entity type is located. This capability is needed to do things like hiding a key under a rock, placing food on a table, or placing a diamond in a chest. To add this capability, I needed to add additional parameters to methods that placed entities in cells. This required changes, fortunately simple, in many classes. The added parameters were the position of the entity relative to a specific entity in the cell (above, below, inside), and the entity in the cell.
  • Close buttons for panels. Panels were designed to close when the player clicked anywhere outside of the panel. This was due to the game’s original target platform being mobile – tapping anywhere on the screen outside of the panel was easier than tapping on a little button. However, playtesters looked for a close button when they wanted to close a panel because this is the convention on PCs.  
  • Stat modifiers from other entities in a cell displayed in the Inspect Panel. If an entity in a cell modifies the stats of other entities in the cell, those modifiers are now shown when inspecting the other entities. For example, a bandit standing in a doorway will have reduced chances to hit and evade attacks. These modifiers will now appear when inspecting the bandit.
  • Bandits now use torches. It didn’t make sense for bandits to be wandering around a cave without a light source.
  • Braziers can now be knocked over to start a fire. This can be used to make actors and objects next to a brazier catch on fire, or extinguish the light sources in a room.
  • Bug fixes
    • Multiple issues with torches.
      • Torches don’t light when actors equip them.
      • The player has duplicate child torch light GameObjects.
      • A dead enemy’s torch light isn’t disappearing when the player removes the torch from the enemy’s corpse.
    • Sometimes enemies in a poisonous cloud can’t be targeted.
    • Shoot icon appears when path to target is blocked.
    • The Inspect Panel window closes when all items are taken.
    • Optional/Required criteria being ignored when stocking the map (rooms that can only be placed in an optional map node are being placed in required map nodes and vice versa).
    • Hidden objects are revealed in the Inspect Panel.
    • Apples heal too much.
    • Items appear above spider webs.
    • Take All button doesn’t appear for weapon racks.
  • 2023 year in review. Posted on the Legend website and Reddit.

Next week, I’ll keep working through high priority bugs. I also want to start to add more interactivity to existing objects.





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