Weekly Update – January 19, 2024

I implemented more core gameplay improvements and fixes this week. Real life got in the way a bit, shrinking available time to 5 hours from 14 hours the prior week. Fortunately, watching others play the game is helping me isolate the things that matter most. 

  • Level rumors more prominently displayed. Rumors were previously displayed in the message log, which I never pay attention to. Now, when the player starts a new level, a popup containing the rumor appears. The player has to click the Ok button to close the popup and start playing. This may get annoying over time. We’ll see…
Rumor prompt
  • Drinking a potion preserves the vial. It’s illogical to completely remove a potion after drinking it because the vial isn’t consumed (although that just gave an idea to create a playable race that consumes glass). Since empty vials have uses such as making new potions and carrying liquids, they should be preserved.
  • More available actions when inspecting an entity. Some actions such as Attack and Drink weren’t yet supported when inspecting an actor, item, or object. Buttons for these actions now appear in the Inspect Panel when applicable.
  • Pressing Escape displays the main game menu. This is a convention in PC games.
  • New arrow types: Poisonous Gas, Fear, Charm. These were easy to add because the effects were already implemented for potions.
  • Bug fixes
    • Unable to take items from a diagonally adjacent container.
    • Icons not centered at the bottom of the screen.
    • Hotbar and on-screen buttons responsive when modal panels are displayed.
    • Mushroom Gardens can be placed in corridors.
    • Empty vial issues: they appear in the hotbar by default even though they don’t have a default use, clicking on them generates an exception.
    • Magic Leather Boots cause an exception when placed on the map.
    • Stairs appear above corpses.

Next week, the focus is on adding more ways for items and objects to interact with each other.





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