Weekly Update – February 13, 2021

Last week I started a major refactoring to make it easier to add new features, reduce the number of bugs introduced from poorly architected code, and decrease average troubleshooting time. I made massive progress on this effort this week thanks to having three days off from work.

When I started developing Legend over a year ago, I used some source code from a Unity tutorial, most of which has since been culled or replaced. The source code included a GameManager class. I wasn’t sure what the appropriate use of this class was in Unity, and over time it grew into a 2000-line monstrosity and a textbook example of how to misuse singletons. It contains game turn management, multiple finite state machines, movement and combat logic, public references to other classes such as the map class (making the classes globally accessible), and miscellaneous utility methods. I began dismantling the GameManager class this week. It’s been a painful process but well worth the effort because it’s greatly reducing cognitive load.

I added one new feature this week: when the map is fully revealed by a “reveal map” scroll, the revealed map locations are shown with a blue tint to distinguish where the player has and hasn’t been. Here’s an example:

Revealing a level map

I moved the legendrl.com website to a new host, SiteGround, because the website was extremely slow on the former host. The site is much faster now!

Next week I’ll complete the major refactoring and squeeze in a new feature or two.





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